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Hydroplane Lyrics

Mez – Hydroplane Lyrics

[Verse 1: King Mez]
Been through it all and held it down
A youngin' such a clutch
That's probably why I pass on the advice from such and such
I listen when I know I shouldn't
But some niggas too comfortable
Want everything I came for
You cool with just enough?
If you my nigga go to war for ya'
When it get heavy, hold the door for ya'
They don't want to let you speak
I hold the floor for ya
This time my dog's coming with me
Nigga, more Hoyas
Plenty enemies came
Some of 'em was niggas friends
Before that
So plenty of pain

Never letting go of the us
And soon we finna be fame
Seat belts need to be fastened
Went down my memory lane

I remember plenty of crashes
Nights how I hydroplaned
On my tears
Learning life a slippery thing

My momma slipped away
From here it made me
Face the realization
It will never be the same

[Verse 2: King Mez]
Hydroplane with it
Do your thing with it

I was at the court, at the hoop
Stood next to this little hommie
Politic with him quickly
Although I know he ain't know me

The way we run the gym
Adolescents play on one side
But he with us, had to pretend
But he posted up like he 40

I asked, you got next? He said, yup
I watched the game for a set
Then thought to test the heart
That's beating beside me

You don't like playing on that side?
Then I saw the look in his eyes
It remind me of Mom
And not letting circumstances define me

He said never, same way
I said when momma passed
And asked do I still have a vision
Or did it blind me

A label signed me
Been feeling this way since April, 1990

If people really listened
99 percent of the time
What's on our heart would
Probably be 99 percent of our rhyme

But most artists more interested
In feeding their family, fine
But the method in which they getting it
Leaving their family blind

They don't know it
They kind of feeling heroic
Cause they can pour up the Moet
And their faces be stoic not worried about a thing

Too many hurt was inside me
I flow it to show it
English teacher's astonished
So a poet I became

Once the Lord show it, can't blow it
So I be up like 4 in the morning
Cause of my motive

To plant love in the world
And can't grow it until we sow it
Snakes in your grass, eating your seeds
You learn to mow it

Pick up a handful of sand
It's gonna slide through the gaps
I put my hand under yours
Now we got all of it trapped

Gotta do this together
Wonder why all of us strapped

Wonder why all of us strapped
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