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Can't Let Go Lyrics

Mez – Can't Let Go Lyrics

All my niggas do

Got a thing for ya girl/
Might rob, steal, blow a nigga brain for ya girl/
Get locked up in the bing for ya girl/
Man niggas go insane for ya girl/
They don't want us passing the test huh?/
Society call us a mess huh/
You surprised he waving a tech?/
I wonder what you expect from niggas that you neglect, huh?/
BMW Tag say Nevada/
Water on a white rag and it's Prada/
Try to wash away the sins try to wash away the sin/
Hyndai couldn't help you get the sin outta, us/
Been through worse, couldn't knock the wind outta, us/
See us, in the dark tinted Impala they nervous/
The way we depicted soon as a nigga born they the hip we the thorn, they took the innocence outta, us/
But I love my niggas, but I love, but I love my niggas/
They be actin like we, they be actin like we drug dealers, every time they see us we drug dealers I don't understand/
Some of us lost but we smart tho/
Weighing heavy on my heart tho/
It's a feeling I don't really think that y'all know/
You report the pain but we mourning like Alonzo/

And I can't let go/ And I can't let go/
And we can't let go, Wonder why we can't let go/
And we can't let go, And I can't can't let go/
Wonder why we can't let go, Niggas can't let go/
Never can't, Wonder why we can't let go/
And we can't let go/ Yo/

Ok Ok I'm ready, What's the question Regis?/
Why they feed the kids overseas when the children here need leaders/
Especially when they own neighborhood look so defeated?/
Just so they can tell the divas, and it look much more prestigious/
Don't believe this?/
Lil homie down the block do, He know that help ain't coming and he got his Glock cocked too/
Leave yo whip unattended I bet you that he got you/
It's convertible, you at the light, he might of shot you/
This is is his perspective/
My soul is always thirsty/
Feel like I'm sposed to be stealing how these coppers always search me/
Talk bout praying, but I'm feeling like he cursed me/
So keep the Lords Mercy, Where's Lamborghini Mercy?/
That nigga want Miller, Reggie, Percy/
Baller, or a Rapper, or a casket, and hearse we/
Can definitely do better I know that and it hurt me/
The lil girls fast, more than Jackie Joyner Kersey/
What to do?/
Grew up around some Brandy wood Chastain niggas/
Wasn't no bad neighborhood we played ball and we drank pitchers/
Kool aid somebody momma made, our jersey's that can't fit us/
While we wait Plot on girls wit bangs, that was the main picture/
Alot of those little boys eventually turned gang members/
Now I hear bout murder cases involving them same niggas/
I see the eyes of childhood friends and I can't picture/
None of them just hoppin' out and then aiming to flame niggas/
Trying not to remember how I last saw em/
I would of expected it how they was looking last autumn/
When I was home to visit, Talkin bout my new endeavors/
Tryna show my niggas the future but then they past caught em/

You don't ever hear about US/
Don't nobody ever care about US/
When a young brother gets killed Murder don't get found, They don't ever know the whereabouts US/
Wonder why they always scared about US/
Don't nobody shed a tear about Us/
Everbody always fear about US/
So I'm trying to make everything clear about US/
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