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Highness Lyrics

Mez – Highness Lyrics

The streets at night
Glow like casinos in the darkness
Everybody's taking their chances
Black jacks shuffling along trying to make it to 21
And some, some get hit at 18 and bust
Bullets flying at hearts like spades
Others ante up and bust back, yeah
TECs they hold 'em, aces smoking
Got a pair of nines but no full house
Just a single queen still sleeping on the pull-out
Dreams of hitting clubs with diamonds
But the house of cards keeps crashing down, 'cause
Ain't no king around
The princes and princesses follow suit
Forget about the crowns they were supposed to wear like forbidden fruit
A fashion statement for those of us who still reach for knowlege
Here to learn you something
Just got to listen to it:

Don't be fooled by the shine, young buck
Remember the reaper's sickle glistens too
And Failure loves to dress itself up in Hope's robes and parade around
But just cause you put jewels in a hat don't make it a crown
Too many clowns sporting diamond-crusted bear traps
That's just waiting for their egos to trip and fall into
And plenty got nooses they call crowns ready for your head to slip through
But I'ma construct my own
Adorn it with emeralds made from all the envious eyes of doubters
And I'll chisel saffire blues
From all the hard times I've been through
And wear 'em like resilience
My crown will be sharper than my momma's tongue
And sparkle like I sprinkled it
With all of the salt they thrown on my game
I stand on a stage like a throne made king-sized just for me
Hold the mic like a sceptre and address my people
Reminding them that there is royalty to gain
Beyond the royalties and fame
Some stay loyal to the game
But I, I stay loyal to my dreams
Let my flows apply heat 'til they boil into steam
And I can watch 'em rise
Like fallen angels remembering how good a halo feels
It's kind of like a crown
Like an oversized wedding ring
Reminding me to stay faithful to my future
Cause ain't nothing coming between me and destiny, nah
We was made for eachother
And I know there's a crown out there that was made for me
It ain't got to be the main one
Long as don't nobody living got the same one
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