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Heart Drive Lyrics

Mez – Heart Drive Lyrics

[Intro: King Mez]
Ain't enough space left in my heart...
Yeah, ain't enough space left on my drive
Niggas take up space if you let 'em
You know what I'm sayin'...
Uh, mane, mane

[Verse 1: King Mez]
Some niggas never call my phone
Ever think Im'ma hold my own
Sit on my throne
Never pay off my college loans
And hang up platinum plaques all through my home
All good though, told you that we won't stop
Thought I told you that we won't stop
Everybody ask, when you new CD gon' drop?
If I sell it, is ya'll gon cop?
Niggas got quiet
That ain't really that bad
But what hurt me worse
Is some niggas I know
They do whatever they want with their life
But they waiting to see if I blow
So I get, inspiration, can't get that back
Now, when I need it for myself, not enough free space
And a so-called homie don't show, seen it coming
But I know who I want to be already
People around me find themselves interesting
So they try and find themselves through me
I don't mind, just don't forget the kid
Something I see already, I ain't even really did much yet
But it's people that wanna live their whole life
Through me already

[Hook: King Mez]
Ain't enough space left in my heart for you
Ain't enough space left in my drive for you
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