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About Me Lyrics

Mez – About Me Lyrics

Ay, ay, yeah
I appreciate you coming out tonight
Shout-out to my man Omen on the beat
Yeah, fresh heir
You know what it is

[Verse 1]
See where I'm from we say throwed
When referring to intoxication
Clean the icy soles
Tryna stop the oxidation
Ain't that much you can really do
When you see that yellow comin'
Being fly niggas
That's our only occupation
Get some mo'
Saturday morning early
Betta hit the sto'
Monday morning everybody wearin em
Them niggas slow
Me and my homies waited like a month plus
Til everybody's scuffed up
Only they ain't wear they J's
Eventually, we changed tho
Scurried out our sorrow
Hurt because our people smart
But wasn't goin far tho
Now I want my intellect
To keep and not to borrow
You worried bout some 2012
I'm worried bout tomorrow
Some homies that I would hoop with got a whole lot of lead
Some lost they freedom and prisons got a whole lot of beds
Even if I remember late
And I'm comfortable I'm prayin on my knees
Even if I gotta roll out of bed
It's like

Hey, yeah, so whatcha know about me?
So whatcha know about me?
Say wassup, say wassup, say wassup
Whatcha know about me?

[Verse 2]
Girls we used to try to rap to
Who used to handle us
Now a bit of savages
Checking my Twitter statuses
To see my current city
And if my living be lavish-ness
Glad I didn't get em back then
I see it now
Because my lady had my back
Way before she ever thought I'd blow up
And all my niggas didn't stay around
And get they dough up
I listen to old heads
When I would talk my recklessness
About the people I was soon to meet
And they would tell me 'slow up'
My mom predicted genius when I grow up
They way I took it was spitting
So I would get my flow up
Like creating the [?] to my attributes
And anything was low
I would practice it until it go up
The gashes in my heart ain't nothing doctors know to sew up
Stimulation through tribulation and still I show up
All I'm rapping for is misguided girls
And my homies on block on the Southside
That is what I throw up

Yeah, I got love for em
Definitely got love for em
And they know, and they know, and they know
They know

[Verse 3]
You done lost your mind
If you tell me I'm not a dreamer
From where they cop the Nina
Leave you wetter than Aquafina
All my brethren got subpeonas
And medicine, doctors seen em as some hopeless blacks
Who can lead their people with open backs
So they prescribe em with that Ritalin
And it seemin' like they write em off
Like they gonna have felonies as a teen
And screamin 'Mazel Tov'
Fight for my melanin cause we need it
Yo Coca-Cola bottle couldn't
Tellin me now I lead it
And talent ain't even fair like you couldn't pay the meter
Victory my dream girl
She know that I need her
Martin, she my Gina
She the Turner to my Tina
I don't sleep much, I just — have you seen her
Have you seen her?
So until I get Demeter
I'm rocking microphones
And everybody sayin' yeah
Everytime I check it's like my grass is getting greener
Probably cause I reign
And maneuver as a king
Homie, you should do the same like

[Instrumental Outro]
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