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The Coming Lyrics

Mez – The Coming Lyrics


[Verse 1]
All I know how to be is your highness, but I walk you through your loathes though
Penny for my thoughts but I'm shining like its rose gold
Kicking in the door and we waving in the 4-4
Rappers calling out of work, no call, no show
Put a slash up on they grip, I ain't talking Volvo
Man its just the way I feel, rappers be so misleading
And the little niggas follow make me wonder where they soul go
Got a certain honor 'bout me, everyone don't hold though
Yeah, I do this for my momma, and the kids who should walk around with armor
Who see flossing like a death wish, no worried 'bout designer
'Till my things in life are finer, and the hoes be on the timer
Cuz they watch to my watch, about to show they panties I'm a fool, but never foolish
I stay quiet and listen, niggas talked all through the class and be wondering why they clueless
Its like you repping bloods but we wondering where your tool is
Perpetrating niggas the definition what cool is
Where they do that at? I'm wondering what the rule is
Imma show you niggas what taking niggas to school is

Yeah, we do this

[Verse 2]
They don't believe 'till you pull up with the Range
Well I'm Reggie Miller pull up with the range
They don't believe 'till they see you in the chain
But wouldn't hang if you gave 'em all the pain, nah
And I went from skateboarding to gate boarding
Got, used to the flights it turned into late boarding
Broads recognize him now he got bait boarding
Like, chess better check 'cuz now its your mate boarding
Flow so hard to escape, call it crack cocaine
Napalm anybody never lacked no flames
All they find is hair and bones, no flat gold chains
Say I'm 'bout as recognizable as gats-go-bang
Might'a never heard my name, there's a reason why I'm here though
When you start to hear it, it's gonna start to give you fear slow
And that's just my spirit, say my heart made like a hero's
But I'm playing like a villain, glass up, cheers yo
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