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Exordium Lyrics

Mez – Exordium Lyrics

Humble beginnings, but glad I had to see them days
Same nigga that’s bout wear Jays to the VMA’s
I'mma be a mess I know it, and niggas gone want my spot
But won’t put in the work it take to keep that meter paid
A lot of stories be like Benji’s was at Simeon
When our mommas tellin us be careful, ha, then we grin
We tell em that they should lighten up like Aunt Vivian
We just worried bout that paper that these niggas divvying
But, the way some got it back home moving them rocks
Won’t gone do for me no blocks, rather look into stocks
Won't no gangsta but Kept the ox in drawer with my sox
Because Lyrics from the LOX taught me more than my pops
For real
Y’all finding the courage in bottles and all these models
Who with you for twittter follows but give you no sleepy hollow
Oh I know
And now you prolly thinking like my logic might be way too
Heavy, it make you niggas waddle, I mean my lyrics like Badu
See I go on and on
Nigga receptionist hear it and they hold the phone
They can’t hold me like they couldn’t hold Malone
I mean I’m def like the three on your mobile phone
These niggas finito
Wanna go anywhere we go
Nobody ever be me tho this just practice, these free throws
See I’m just trying to get my soul clear, no sea glow
Y’all just tryna see a star like Nigo
You insecure, but see when your courage get polished
Then you lock down Faith, like you Christopher Wallace
R.I.P. to Big he deserve a moment of silence
Now we resort right back to the violence as I kill these niggas
On everything I do not feel these niggas
Expected more, disappointed can’t lie
Bunch of broke rich niggas mentally they can’t fly
You ain’t wealthy till you aquire what money can’t buy
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