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Timeless / Time Crunch Lyrics

MC ZULU – Timeless / Time Crunch Lyrics

Timeless are the vibes. Original Badman mc zulu 'pon dem case
The one called Liquid Stranger a hit you with Riddim, Well you done know

Party time, keep it hot. Baby make your body rock.
Give no thought to the plot of people 'round the world.
Emptiness, sanity, add more weight increase the gravity.
Feel the bass we keep them crunk, make them jump constantly, you see?

This globe, I hoped would revolt with results and work it out. (no doubt)
Instead, these nations' fathers turned their backs on sons and daughters.
The more I try read up, the more I find I can't keep up, but yet and still
The dance is heating up.

Ram It Up
See run from everything that matters
Fling It Up
Plenty promise, but dem don't hold water
Mash It Up
When Rudie come a dance you fi know me run the town
You cyaan't keep a Badman down

Ram It Up
Play the music that the dance people prefer
Fling It Up
Still dem fickle and dem change like the weather
Mash it Up
But timeless are the vibes and the words with this sound
You cyaan't keep a Badman down

I know what these heathens are thinking.
They want to see status before they place their beliefs in, like something
That they could blame if they find their faith has been mistakenly laid at
These altars
With no rhyme or no reason. It's not so crucial.

Make sure you stop and pay your contribution to gain the rest of this
In a world of great depression I will prosper regardless.
Even enemies would agree that I bring the flow so absurd, it's my word,
You'd get served,
Lord I'd murder most of these artists


Wait there, let me start from beginning.
You reach your promotion but still you can't make a living?
Somebody tell you that compromise is the way that the game is played, I
Would tell you a different thing when me hit you with Riddim, but keep your
Hopes up.

You have in mind a way you want the future to take it's shape. Instead of
Talking Make the ones who run up dem mouth start demonstrate... And Make the
Dollars... Make the gyal dem holler... Make the world take notice of greatness.
Control your fate. Never too late

Never too late, time being what it is.
The number one commodity, walking hand in hand with memory.
Steadfast in their deadly purpose, seemingly out of man's control.

But I and I is original Badman. And I mon know seh the dangerous ones are
Those who ask the questions.
Plant the seed of doubt for your mental cultivation. Control your universe.

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