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Immigrant Visa Lyrics

MC ZULU – Immigrant Visa Lyrics

You know me don't have good sense at all... Yard man in a foreign land
Rudeboy style

Leggo The Vibes 'pon The System, The Shortwave, The Long Wave


Just arrived with the Immigrant Visa, Opportunity knocks Overseas here
See me deh, dealing with police profile? Original Rudeboy Style

Keep it live inna dance with the music, Give the vibes dem a chance don't refuse it
Pull It Up, Cause me love fi see the gal get wild! Original Rudeboy Style

Listen Up
Zulu man inna dance and the people afraid,
Lord will the Babylon come with the gun and announce it's a raid?

Saying: "Where you get this sorta vibes cause dem out of order.
Don't chat too much or put the maximus of any gals 'pon parade"
Chaa (whatever)

Now were gonna get the party started and we don't want no stress
Yes all the gal dem inna front, dem want fi flaunt dem fanciness
Miss... Would I be too forward, telling you cause me not no coward
I can't wait for the time, cause I'm really trying to get you out of that dress


Sad to see,
Walk out a road with Babylon you just get the third degree
This sorta business can't go on, I'm gonna get my Law Degree
It's gonna make my Mother pleased

But I'm not giving up on the microphone, I just built a home inna the woods
And the neighbor's chatting with jealousy

Somehow them get the notion that sufferation is "keeping it real"
I could be crazy but this is My Deal:
Times is getting harder, Rudeboy want fi prosper
No make your son or daughter turn martyr fi Dollar

Them make the school of hard knocks and I paid attention like scholar
Now the microphone is my own I make the people dem holler

Tell you 'bout the drama
Dem a gwaan like controversy and penitentiary good for the people dem like the badge of honor

"One Niner In Pursuit" of some youth who hustle pon corner
Don't Shoot! I'd rather deal with that institutional Horror
Talk about the Karma, when I hear two days in the lockup had him turning informer: o)


Leggo The Vibes 'pon The System, The Shortwave, The Long Wave

This is the best of them, In case you never know,
Zulu The Bad Man me ride 'pon Riddim I make you sing that

You got them heathen ways about you boy, but you bring that
Gal you don't tell me nothing s*** unless you mean that
Right now my phone deh ringing off of the hook believe that
She say she need that
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