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Animal Attraction Lyrics

MC ZULU – Animal Attraction Lyrics

Animal Attraction
The Gal dem call it Animal Attraction
She don't even want to know my name
She don't really want to be my friend

Pull up to the bumper when you see the badman a cool inna the car in front a you
Good fortune, yes indeed, me see the hot gal stepping out a bmw
If me coulda talk to this gal, and maybe take her to de romance hideaway
What me never understand that it's me that de gal just a see one mile away


Gal you want introduction? Conversation could have helped to prevent all this
Know I-mon teach seduction, work de gal dem, sexiness and she said
Don't make this a big production, Me have an airplane to catch in a early morning
No joke, forget about formalities... Because I'm feeling this


Some gals don't want acquaint, in other words no strings
That's the game
All a de gal last night,
Dirty talk, nasty thoughts
Me give them wit de tune... Alright

Gal say she's alone on a business trip from her home she don't wan nothing but the s**
Could I really be the one to bust it next?
Let me check
With my schedule on the wall
Gal said she alona and a beg for the work
And it really don't make no sense at all
How de thing so sweet underneath them skirt
What the gal dem do?

Ring upon the telephone and the gals want to enter my zone,
How me know? Just call it:
S** vision, badman intuition when de woman give me signals darling


The gal give them request
Them want the loving fi true
The key to them happiness
There's only one thing to do
Me tell them
Strip down because she want
S** without consequence
Nor evidence
Me give de gal dem multiples
And me no bother with the false pretense
Yes that's the difference
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