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Spanish Fly Lyrics

MC ZULU – Spanish Fly Lyrics

Your man never show no patience, me give the gal dem understanding
Wha gwaan with the midnight session, when the gal a come hard til the morning?
Zulu man a kill the youth with tht tune dem, Spread the word from the back of the projects
To the middle of the burbs and the hi-rise, All the gal wan check me

Cause I...
Wanna give the gal happiness - Me tell you truthfully
And I...
Wanna take away all dem stress - But not exclusively
And I...
Wanna get you out of that dress
So here's your ticket to ride, you and I become the Spanish Fly

Chickens they come and they go, Whe de man dem a go do in de morning?
Leave out before you find out, What de gal look like in de morning
Give the gal dem game, talk about the hotel room, tell dem bout the ways
You a work dem, juke dem, bwoy you too lie, me see the look pon your face


Some bwoy they beg and they plead, fi de gal give it up pon the first night
Even go down on their knees, fi de woman and they can't do the work right
Bwoy you no have no shame, begging fi de love? tell her bout you have good game?
Bad man ZULU get the gal dem wetter by the minute when attention ZULU give it

Some girl don't give man freedom, me tell the gal dem just exactly
What run thru me mind when me see dem, Inna fi dem mini skirt dem attract me
She wanna be the only gal in the bedroom... That's just too much to ask me
Me no play silly games with the gal emotions man me tell dem seh, I...


This gal looking like she stepped from the back of the bus when it's rolling
Left out from the room with the bad man, makeup messed up, she holding
One bag with the dress from last night, one bag with the shoes from last night
Sunglasses shield her face from the wrath of the sunlight

All night this gal get the love she wan big it up now, she talking
She run go tell her friends how de man give de good love, till the morning
Meantime me a walk with the girl, her friend tell me she a check fi de good grind
Me no wan disappoint no gal, I'm still in my prime, because I...


Is it a crime to hate the one you love?
When do they stop and say they've had enough?
Are all these questions wasted energy?

Right now many gal scream out in ecstacy

We start with the first argument then, come around with the sex explosion
Look around for the next episode when, you believe all of your friend's notions
Just pick up all the pieces and make them, ride out to the place she a come from
Giggolo fi de gal, bad man and me can't do no wrong, because I...

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