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Ever Ready Lyrics

MC ZULU – Ever Ready Lyrics

Stand firm and ever ready, people. Trust when the day come when
The iniquity workers want to push you too far.

Then you have to trod dem down.
Spread The Word zulu seh so.

Tell me when you're ready, When you're ready
Tell me when you're ready to trod dem down
(Shot dem down)
Tell me when you're ready, When you're ready
Tell me when you're ready to chant dem down

Me get the message 'pon me secret phone, yeah
Somebody try fi take the dancehall over
Dem seh whole heap a mercenary climb over the wall
And then assassinate the mic controller.

Dem have the 9 millimeter man, Uzi machine here too man
Slr a sling 'pon shoulder.

But Mr. Zulu Sharpshooter man, Tell you the truth now man
Me deh upon the roof like soldier.

Me seh
Tell Me When You Ready
Microphone Murder like the. 44 Magnum
Zulu Ever Ready Lyrical Shots cyaan done

Talk about the war and then you'll end up defeated too man
Zulu give Riddim obituary now. Read it too, man
Knowledge and the wisdom, overstanding me feed it to man
Food for thought, and you're starving. Believe it now, man

Check another tale about my troubles a Mexico
Workers on the farm just a watch my sensi grow
All of a sudden arrived whole heap of crooked police pon a raid
And dem a talk 'bout bribe

Me Seh
Tell Me When You Ready
Bad Man Business me large incorporate
Me no like informer dem a watch and cooperate

No bother mention cost, all of the trees dem lost now
Because me never pay the police off
If uno wan give bribe, you affi just aim high and
Make sure you only deal with the big boss

Anyway, we have the organization fi handle pestilence
And all the situations based upon the evil any man want
Do. A so we run the international crew... Get screw

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