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No Freedom Lyrics

MC ZULU – No Freedom Lyrics

This is a takeover

Ladies and Gentlemen
Right now you're tuned to the worldwide vibes of the Badman mc Zulu.
Real talk again. Are you listening?

All around the world I select, Music make you move and forget
All your troubles and all regrets, Even if for just one minute,
But I know, There is no such thing as Freedom
I know, There is no such thing as Freedom
All I Know,... No no, There is no such thing
It never exist, No Freedom for me
There is no such thing as Freedom

I no say "Freedom Of Speech"
But I say "Not in my reach"
I no say "Freedom Of Choice"
But I say "Not with my voice"
I no say "Freedom and rights"
But I say "Not in my sight"
I no say "Freedom Of Sound"
But I say "Only The Underground"

And I say, We don't deserve to feel like we're prisoners with no crime
And I say, All of the mass confusion is leading up to this time
And I say, Let it be known that I'm open to discussion right now
And I say, Life is a suicide run, but man you better walk slow


Many de mornings I deh go to visit with my friend ova de way
We be go talk about de business what happen with government today
Remember the news about de robbers who break into where de money stay?
That be de police. I know, because otherwise they would never get away

Get away / Lord, Otherwise they would never get away

I tell you because I know now
There is no such thing, No liberty, Everywhere I turn, No room to breathe
Just Authority, and No Freedom
Run It

I no say "Pack up and run"
But I say "Better must come"
I no say "Hot on my trail"
But I say "Rudie Cyaan't Fail"
I no say "Ain't no surprise"
But I say "Tell you no lies"
I no say "Happy and free"
But I say "Me tell you Truthfully"

Spread The Word

Babylonaian from the heights, of society with the rights
To be critical if you like, telling me no give up the fight?

Please forgive me my ignorance

You must suffer the consequence! Rule Of President must prevail
Send the dissident gone a jail, Now you know

There is no such thing as Freedom... No, no, no
There is no such thing. Do away with the notion of Freedom
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