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Crowd Control Lyrics

MC ZULU – Crowd Control Lyrics

Keep it rolling now, Keep it going now
Keep it rolling, Crowd Control

Picture roll along, and paint impressions 'pon the canvas of your open mind
Fly your broken wing. Sit back, I'll tell you how I reach the people every time
With acid rhetoric, untalented critics dem try fi criticize my flow

Put Zulu in the mix, Me kill dem with lyrics. It's definitely Crowd Control


Whe me seh Rudebwoy?
Mad Crowd
Trod The Road
Rope In?

Underestimate, Selassie know that I'm the one who keep the party live
Music circulate throughout the system, even reach dem inna countryside
Now on the darkest night, we bless them with the light, the music reach your heart and soul
But notice every time, Dem test the borderline, Me murda dem it's crowd control


I want you feel it now.
Angels and demons with weak apologies, enjoy the fruits of their rogue technologies

Meanwhile the victims of all their policies jack up the sound it's the music masterpiece

Inna The Dance
Wave your hands
Fight Back


Angels and demons with wicked policies; No one is right, it's a pure hypocrisy
Around the world with the vibes and energy
Jack up the sound it's the music masterpiece
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