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Turn On The Red Light Lyrics

MC ZULU – Turn On The Red Light Lyrics

Turn On The Red Light
Keep The Fires Burning
Turn On The Red Light
Satisfaction Guaranteed Tonight

Hide now, run back to the protection of all your shelters, Here comes the worst storm
Not hurricane season, no Gilbert and no Katrina, it's the fury they speak of, The Woman Scorned

She live a life of the neglected, housewife
Inside castle protected, trapped by
Jaded walls and painted fences
She want a man who a go make her feel connected.

Tuen On The Red Light

Strip club hero, inna the V. I. P. With the C-Notes
He don't care if him even a get him vehicle repo'ed
Long as the gal dem a stroke the ego

What he don't know is the stripper gal she go
Back a de yard and then give her money to that zero
With no job or ambition, him just a free load

How things go? He lives according to the G-Code
'Cause he knows how to

Turn On The Red Light

If it's your lot in life to pay, when the gal say, you have not played your cards right
I would get that situation straightened out, straight away, today or tonight

What these men lack in ability, they make up for it with dollars and jewelry
She got your visa she want to shop fi me, Thief your car keys and look fi me

She got the money,
But she don't want trade the dollars, the pearls
The silver The gold for her life, She got the world
And giving up on the soul

All of the Earthly possessions have her thinking seh that your romance is just a game
She done playing

Aint it a shame, when you think that you're capturing the song of the sparrow
With the gilded cage and million dollar pillow, when all it takes is simple

Raise up the cage
Make her escape
And tomorrow she's singing through your window

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