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Poison Pill Lyrics

MC ZULU – Poison Pill Lyrics

Zulu and I will tell you. How fi deal with the jealousy
Don't bother stress at all, cause I done give you the recipe
Aphrodisiac poison pill inna your system for real

Just take your Poison Pill
One taste you might get killed

Undercover heathenistic freak all the while, Caught up in the game every time
'Cause me trust the big butt and the smile

Tell me what you want, Kill me with the raw s** appeal you haffi flaunt
All of my inner demons take over whenever you deh 'bout, you are the reason
Why me get haunted, girl

But lately you love to hate me, just because of my time inna the limelight
When me back deh a yard with the bank card she don't care and the situation alright
Ain't no hate thing, I hear the same thing from the rest of the youth inna the business
How the love interest make you choose, Everything you coulda lose
So don't beg forgiveness

Just take your Poison Pill
One taste you might get killed

Beautiful, But you a kill it with the venomous words.
Bad Man me give the gal dem something over the riddim and it's never been heard

Lip service and them all fi catch the feelings then them want to give the excuse
Don't matter what the gal say you don't believe it. Some gal take man for fool

Tell you 'bout the price of the fame a man fi get, Breddren all the while, make it rain
Inna de club and the gal fi get it wet.

Well, This is what a gwaan. Suffer from, the damn competition all along
All of your jealousy did take over whenever me deh bout, A the reason
Why me get scarce now

Cause lately you try to hate me, just because me step out of the Boulevard
I do believe that you must be crazy, try to outspend everyone and now your times hard
With the hate thing I hear the same thing from the dread 'pon the track at the control
Jealousy just a run from the ones who a try win the race, but can't hold a candle

Just take your Poison Pill
One taste you might get killed

Done with the hatred... Plus they keep it coming from the wrong direction
It could be my favorite girlfriend, Outta hand, but at least she wants to keep the love connection
But if a Evilous Breddren... ? Lord knows seh that a different truth
When man dem ever gwaan like the gal dem, Dress back and me no give dem excuse

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