I'm sick of life. Despicible I'm sick of it all.
I'm pickin fights... You dicks are quickly pissin me off
I'm sick of life... So sick that I don't listen to yall.
I'm pickin fights. My fists. Quickly hittin your jaw.

Nasty fast food stomach, out of shape.
Emoticons, roller blades and weak breaks.
Hip hop is weird. Fucking cheap skates
Stomach fat as fuck, eating cheese cake.
Homeless friends. Over spent. Ugly tight jeans.
Poker face sucks. Funky rhyme schemes. No sleep
Headache. Fuck writers block. Sick of dick riders. Always ride c***
Dick jokes, sick of those please bring thought.
Doctor phil fucks. Read the ink blot.
Sleeping in, missing work, got a beer gut.
Out of gas no money hungry as fuck, fat girls. Stupid s***s.
Big rapper egos. Local cats hate. Little sad emos.
10 speed bicycles. And vans shoes.

Nappy hair. Stupid hats. Neck tattoos.
When I say rhymes.

There the right upside your face kind
You got a shit job. Man I fucking hate mine
Eating old cake off a paper plate at break time
Nasty black coffee running through my main line.
Cubicle closing in
Can't keep my head up.
Dead, but still walking around, fucking fed up.
Only got a damn half an hour to get fed lunch.
Forgot to take a shower and I never get to bed much.
And lifes just a damn reppetative mess
Steadily stressed, dressed in a sweater and vest.
I'd like to take a knife and imbed it in flesh.
Of the office lady. Baby your as dead as it gets.
Yeah bitch did you get what I said.
Lets take a hatchet and see if it'll stick in your head
Try and catch it. Fast if you miss it your dead
Always bitchin. Well maybe you should listen instead.
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So So Sick Lyrics

MC Pig Pen – So So Sick Lyrics