One for the rappers who speak what they feel
Two the beat makers always keeping it real
3 for the dj's on the wheels of steel
Were making music for the fans not achieving a deal...

Hip hop... it's like the life of the pens brain...
Wore headphones daily from the 1st to the 10th grade
Not listening cause I thought my teachers were insane
Listening to rappers who were preaching the spit game...
All my notebooks were filled with lyrics and graff
Saw my first show damn they were some serious cats
Hearin em clap, I wanted to experience that...
A stubborn ear, the only thing I'm hearing is rap

Never listened to my mom,
Fell far from the tree
Hard to believe

I used to be so hard to agree
Arguably, I maya made a couple of bad moves

Made bad rhymes. coupled with a bundle of sad tunes
A couple of wack crews, later and I learned fast
Respect isn't something that your given, you earn that...
Earn the respect of the rappers you spit with
And learn to adapt with your talent and quick wits

Achieving a deal welli t could happen in time
I'm rappin just to rap not for stacking the dimes.
I happen to rhyme
Add to that a passionate mind
Underappreciated, yeah, that's an acurate line...
I happen to find
That I'm often mostly ignored
No one at the shows I'm rockin shows me support
I'm going on tour
Hopefully it opens some doors,
Cause local bars are known to leave you broken and soar...
I'm hoping for more
Of course I want the money and fame
AND I'm hoping I can score with some honnies and dames.
It's funny to say
I got the girlies running away
But once I got the money they'll be coming to stay...

Never a sell out, not makin music to get rich
But getting money certainly is part of my wish list
Pig pens discs getting given for christmas
To rich kids, listening to to this in there discmans...
But this is
Another banger made for the fans
Never planned for the band to be making the grands,
Offer me a deal and I'll take the advance,
Steal the cash and bail to jamaica or france
I'm stakin my land
Take it to the bank with the jams.
Those that used to hate, now they're shakin my hand
There fake as it stands
These fakers aint breaking my plans
I make music. the music aint makin the man...
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123 Lyrics

MC Pig Pen – 123 Lyrics