And with the ring of a bell. They like to say an angel is born
From what I can tell. I can say there basically wrong
Angels aint winged beings that take you by storm
No. They appear in the most basic of forms.
In dark times when I seemed to need em the most.
I never see angels. Just demons and ghosts.
I feel sorry for the folks who believe in the hoax
I speek the truth. I got the proof to leave em exposed.
There aint no fucking angels saving us from the dark times
For me it was things like graffiti and art crimes.
Now with the simple use of a pad and a pen.
I steer clear of a life filled with sadness and sin.
In the madness I started losing family and friends.
I couldn't handle it. Something else had to begin.
So it was. And there began my life in the times.
I would find a new meaning from writing these rhymes...
So in a certain way. Rap would bless and save my life
It taught me lessons of how to start behaving right.
Stay humble
True to friends and true to yourself.
Stay decent.
Life is probably brutal in hell.
Man hell aint a place with a devil and flames
It's in your brain.
It's hard to stay mentally sane.
Life is filled with scars and potentially pain.
But try to not be hard. And never be vein.
It's best to atain
A positive view
Despite of it all.
To often to choose pain
Your likely to fall.
Be proper is all
Be cool and try to be tall.
If you like to fued then try and put a mic in your palm.
Don't be a dick. Hip hop has plenty of those.
With the big egos. But the emptiest soul.
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Division Bells Lyrics

MC Pig Pen – Division Bells Lyrics