I seen a girl from a far poorin drinks at the bar
Carrying herself like she thinks she's a star...
It's as if she aint got a single care in the world
Every creep in the bar straight staring at girl.
Not a club, a small dive spot in the street.
Over looking all the yachts. One block from the sea.
I'm just a young mc from back in the states.
She's a hot island girl. With a national face.
Me and my boy spittin frees as we walk in the place
I can hardly walk straight all the shots that we take.
Now, there's two s*** girls making drinks at the bar
One is the girl that I had seen from a far
Hello ladies. I'm pig and this is my dog J.
Were kinda drunk we been takin shots at the bombay.
But anyway. I think we were thinking that baby
We could all kick it, just wink if it's maybe.
Now it didn't take long for her to fall for the rap.
Cause hip hop cats just got it like that.
We sat up all night at got sloppy till morn
Not just tipsy I was properly torn.
But in a drunkin haze I managed to render a date
The next day, with the bartenders and j
Now this island was a spot, where the honies are hot
But how did we pull the hottest ones on the rock.
The next day we met 9 oclock on the dot
And once again we all started droppin the shots.
Well it didn't take long for the liquor to kick it.
And pig pens wit had her left with a big grin
The drinks kept coming. We were drinking em down
It was obvious what we were thinking about
We were both tore up by the end of the night
If I remember right I'm pretty sure we ended it right...
Well the next day I did wake up in her bed.
A massive splitting pain straight stuck in my head
Well I've never felt worse than I did that day
But I've never felt better in a different way
I was feeling hung over man I was feeling it bad
But still feeling good, cause I was still in her pad
Amazed at myself that I ended up here cause
Usually I pull nothing more than a beer buzz.
Yet somehow I'm chilling with a girl in her house
Forget the fact that were both hurling it out.
We spent the whole next day passed out in the sun
Only waking up briefly to devour some rum
This was one drunk night that ended so beautifully
I've had many since that ended so brutally
But if I never drank, I wouldn't be at a bar.
And ida never met the girl that I'd seen at a far...
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Island Girl Lyrics

MC Pig Pen – Island Girl Lyrics