Yes I'm fucking sick with it.
Don't forget it
I'll spit in your eyes... Better go to the clinic
I told you to quit it
Behold ima get it
Ima always spit it till I'm old and I'm finished
I'm holding the spinach
Open the can and. And drop guys
Get smacked hard like an open hand from popeye.
A strong guy
With and over grown for arm
Pig pen. I grew up on a boar farm
Burn down your door your bound to get your corps charred
I sift through the ashes adding up my score card
It's me one you nada.
You dudes oughta, cruise quick
Or pig'll leave every one in your crew slaughtered.
I move water
Part the red sea
Part serial killer embarked on a dread spree
Your dead see, watch as your head bleeds
All over your apartments carpet is a red scene.

Chorus starts at 113
It's a showdown. Pull out the guns and knives

Weve been through this shit like a hundred times
All you mother fuckers better run and hide
Or when I come through I'll take a hundred lives.
A hundred lives. That could be done in a day.
I'll run in your work place gunning away.
You want your whole work force under a grave
The most dangerous game I'm hunting my prey
Plunder away.
Coming with the thunderous guns
A wonderfull son, raised in the gutters and slums
It's a wonder how I made it out from under the scum
But it's too late cause I'm fucking coming un done.
A bad kid grown up, now I'm a bad man.
I'm mad and it probbably wasn't part of my dads plan
The bad lands... That's where I'm making my last stand.
Go down shooting till I can't lift my damn hands.
That or my gat jams.
Take me alive
Thatll never happen look me straight in the eyes
Gotta good look? I'd like to say
I'm either leaving with your life. Or I die today
I'll cut you up
Laug when I sharpen the blade
What the fuck
This man just darkened the day.
I'm hell on earth
I'm a shark in a cage
If I'm mellow,
I don't suggest sparking the rage
Wanna see me mad
Keep barkin away
Keep you up under my pad
Till you start to decay
Then laugh like mad when I'm carving your brains
Hack you into peices and discard the remains
You think I'm fucking crazy hardly to blaim
I was raised in a basement with my arms in a chain...
No wonder I'm under ground I was raised in a caged basement
Fed fish heads and remained to a chained bracelet.
But I broke the chains... Hacked up the family with a chainsaw
Ate there brains raw with some farva beans and steak sauce
If I'm caught, they'll cage me till I rot and die
Jackin off on jodie fosters face as she's walking by...
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Showdown Lyrics

MC Pig Pen – Showdown Lyrics