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Don't Forget About Me Lyrics

Max B – Don't Forget About Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Now due to me (Jones!)
Me and my truancy (Nine trey!)
Running through the streets since early puberty! (Young niggaz!)
What influenced me (let em know)... It was the jewelry
Tryna get cash so I can do it like the older G's (Balliiiing!)
The 80's... Big thick rope chains
Life was all crazy getting rich off cocaine (True story nigga)
... So I been caught up dog, nothing like Usher (no)...
More like a hustler (yep)
All night with customers, tryna get my paper up (right)
Jealousy, envy... Gotta watch, they'll spray you up
But it was something bout the gun play...
Rolling dice on blocks, double parked up on a one way (Trips nigga!)
And breaking law was the norm' (yep), the club break about 4 in the morn'd
So we parking lot pimp, hit the diner for some grub
The squad type thick you know I'm rolling with the thugs


[Verse 2:]
Now as I roll up my window (are-Class), blaze up the indo (that purple!)...
Get tore down for my homies in the pen (miss you Zeke)
I'm ma take you the Cali with me (Westside!)...
Know ya dress code, heavy sag on ya Dickies (B's & C's!)
You catch me out in Houston, and usually we can slow it up (slow motiooon)
And get screwed, get a deuce and we can throw it up!
Atl sharp, if you balling and you make it rain (Balliiiing!)
"I'm in love with a stripper", alcohol on ya brain
Fast track life, the shit is uncanny (I love it)
When it come to birds fly south to Miami (Opium!)
Weather like 80 (sunny), drop-top Mercedes (Ballin)
"Sai Pa Say", on the block in Little Haiti
Chicago is the wolves, the bears, and the gangster's (you hear that?)
2 12'n with the og's, tryna get the answers
And all these O. T trips got me tired
Drive the wheels til they fall off
And I just bought some new tires
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