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Tell Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

Max B – Tell Me (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Intro: Max B]
Ahhh man, byrd gang
We gonna do something a little smooth for the ladies
We in this thing with public domain money on you niggas man
It's ya boy Biggavel, you know I switch it up on 'em
Let's go

Hey babe won't you get in the truck
Lets sip a little clic, slide up in the cut
Get the vaseline let me fuck ya butt, it ain't that serious (it ain't that serious)
I'm getting money its plain to see
I'm Biggavel bitch come and fuck with me
Climb on top and make love to me, I'll make you delirious (I'll make you delirious)

[Verse 1: Max B]
The dose is heavy in the palm of my hand, cus its all in respect
You ain't heard that the Biggaveli got the bitches in check (yes)
Just let her chill, her time will prevail
Mami is mean probably about a 9 on the scale
She was heavy on her ass, my bezzy was on the glass
Boss man in the maserati was heavy on the gas
She be riding shotgun and now she on the dick
Started off on the automatic now she driving the stick
I move and I pick, stick and I move
Mami lean back kick off your shoes, let's get up in the groove
Put on the rubber spit on the puss, slid up in the womb
Hit them other dick on the lips, slid in the jacuzz (oooh)
She tell me you crazy Biggavel
You better treat me good, you better not play me Biggavel (nah)
I'm heavy like 80 on the scale
The pc got pictures of your lady on the dell (hey)


Crazy bitch put ya'll hoes in the loop, public domain
Street chief volume 1 for you niggas man (that's right)
Reaping the benefits, bird gang
It's ya boy, Max Biggaveli doing it for the ladies
We stars, my niggas (Owwww)
Harlem, let's get this money baby
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