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Money Make Me Feel Better Lyrics

Max B – Money Make Me Feel Better Lyrics

Only one thing make me feel better man
Bread, cheese, chavo
Whatever the fuck you wanna' call it

[Verse 1]
I run circles around rap niggas, bring 'em on
This the anthem bitch, why don't you sing along?
In the store I'm the one to call
Threw some plans around, there's a new mayor in town
Max Bloomberg baby, grease got the good goon music
Fire up the goon shit, ouu shit
You offended me homes, you're injury prone
When guns pops get the fuck off the phone
I done stepped my shit up another notch
Killers been dead, he gon' need another box
She covered in rock like Eskimo
Ten bricks left to do, my niggas gain green like vegetables
I get next to you if you lose me and even with your jewelry
I never let the nigga out do me, nigga better stick to the movie
You's a trick and drag, tell Jim he can kiss my ass, ow

Money make me feel so, so, money make me feel so better
Mami like it real slow, slow
Won't nothing stop me from getting this cheddar
Them niggas is coming real close, close
I said this rap shit getting me fed up
My niggas they got (?)

[Verse 2]
You see, here's where it all boils down to
You can keep the public shit, I'mma keep the other shit
I be on some other shit real state stock got (?)
Your honor I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth
Silver Bimmer with the blue tooth
It's a new coupe, it's a new loop, got it sitting all clean
And I cop the shit a new boost, nice
90 was the price, that's the third car
I only paid once, four chicks, three blunts, fuck 'em all
Like a pimp I be, I'm the illest nigga in NYC, ow
I got the best hooks, best hooks
Bitches say I got the best cock and it's hard like text book
I'mma strike upon the with the vengeance, fill you with some holes
May Father God bless your soul
Caught this nigga head like the X and O
I'm next to blow, bitch do it again, double check the hoe
Double decker flows, they can heat up, keep my feet up
Cross the first line, get beat up, oww

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