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Fuck You Lyrics

Max B – Fuck You Lyrics

So so sufficient so elegant so consistent boss Don Biggavel coming to get you Niggas man (hella wavy) lets go

[Verse 1]
I got these Niggas stomach hurting like Oww got the Desert E - E gotta let the nigga breathe let that nigga be Bigga got him diving out the range fix them bitches up cop that thing I’ll be hopping out that thing i’ll be popping out that thing that car gone keep him higher My Niggas Surround me like Marlon from the wire Carlos my supplier I buy it for 12 Sell them 29 It’s that money mine Live a life of crime fuck you Niggas talking about I was in that yard ran the walkways known to spend thousands on my off days those Byrd Gang niggas is all gay (aim) they French kiss and they Foreplay (aim) Bullet sauté that’s my remedy this is just the beginning I’m riding on my enemies plotting on that frienemie damn he crossed that line put his lights out nigga what’s ur bank get them dice out Owwww

Fuck you fuck you I got a 750 ride I'm a very spiffy guy guy mother fuck you (fuck you nigga)

[Verse 1]
I got this rap shit where I want it at hit you with that 100 pack make you bring 100 back make you bring hundred wrapped nigga come get your career if you want it back trying to stop the Vels homie about to cop an L Watch they leave him for dead Heard they knocked him with an ak watch his Niggas may day came through bumping on that pd The bitches they lookin real weak I hope them Niggas see me free me release me let me go Niggas don’t wanna let me blow (no) Stop your frown I’ve been waiting for a while I’ve been waiting for it to go down so we can see who prevails through the thunderstorm nigga said they touched you when... My gun go off just look me up book me up cook me up Max come get those cookies up Don’t nobody do em like you do I’m Poppin like we used to rocking like we used to (not)fuck you nigga

Fuck you (fuck your bitch ass) fuck you (bitch as nigga) I got a 750 ride I'm a very spiffy guy guy mother fuck you (tell em again baby) fuck you (fuck you nigga) fuck you(fuck your team) I chopped that coke upon that table I'm about to start my label Gain Greene motherfuck youuuuuuu fuck you nigga we doing it boss Don classic Dame Grease oh yeah so wavy we gonna ride to the end yeah its Gain Greene shout out to my nigga Al Pac what good baby owww oh yeah fuck with this rider shit man fuck you nigga fuck your team fuck that freak bitch you with you know that bitch got them fake ass teeth soak them shit in some bleach nigga shit turning purple looking like you smoked dour with the boy its boss don season biggavel for mayor fuck with your boy owww
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