You’ve been late from the edge but you’re ready to die,
Ready to... we miss you beyond, miss you daily
’cause with all the drama and all the pain
I’m in it to keep my head to the sky
And if the sun is been... the ones don’t grow,
You might fight yourself under the...
Why? ’cause after all the drama and all the pain
You got it just keep your head to the sky

Bring it up, bring your pipe pick up a thug,
I could even make it the dig it, for digging,
This is the drug, music burn to your soul
You’re thinking it was a slut,
But it’s time to think of it...
Still think about the days with niggas in the club,
Why we was all and making in the club
I thank the Lord for my shining and them all
Pass... with the sleep and my shine in my arms
It made a heart to buy with a gun in the cup
Those stacks in the edge some look at the bar
And look at the flee bitch
In the drive way, doing time speed leavin ditch in the highway
And this bitch is still on my own way
Disrespecting my swag where I’m my whole chains
And shawty for mamy for the old days,
Back and mami you papi, you should kushin the old day


From the cold deep whipping the clouds
I used to see, pull just trigger the name
’cause then and now was blind and was prepared
I was running through the city with no money like the mare
Yeah I got a position and the fame
Still chance, still in good condition in the game
Still chance, still in the hood, still the best in your school,
See you starting to holla with Penelope Cruise
Is kind of hot light in the boo, just put em at the man
Sheavy grant and all niggas you wouldn’t understand
Without the prince you wouldn’t have a plan
When your balls... you nigga I’m the man
Take the cut and not in the air, and put it in your mouth
Hoping your eyes and listen to what is all about
And you’ll learn the video is beast and never... form the streets


Say a prayer for Biggy ’cause I know you stay here
Got in the flash and the soul big money over hoes
Yeah Father for I have sin but I’ll never ever think... my man
Stay I ain’t gonna wile in the wet
Get your friend and whipping the video when I step
Why, I ask your girl you send me the goal
So I can get you to the kids you know it’s nothing big,
This bad boy and baby you tell me in the...
I’m just trying to do if you big generation
Niggas is one and hate don’t... hatin on the jeans
’cause the... is all gone.

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Keep Your Head To The Sky Lyrics

Max B – Keep Your Head To The Sky Lyrics