The rain will fall between those very pretty eyes
But just wash away again
Do you think that somehow the rain falled behind
The wall around me force
Trying to reach out for the moment do you think I am the one
I should think of love twice

Beside I am just crying in my room beside the window
Force to laugh in the same day together
Knowning the rain will come in clean before you know it
Let it fall to the ground
My tears is what I feel for somebody else
You and I can come together
Just the exciting through the fall
I know what you get from crying
I care what do you think of something
Maybe I know what the tears of a angel

[Verse 2:]
Will you try to stay close
I am never to be this way
I am your sober and your my sober
Trying to get everything you want together
Can we stay for a rainbow in for love
I am the one who loves you again
But you know I am your girl just keep it right
And if you know that boy coming your way

[Verse 3:]
So don't let hit on the damn floor
Just what you see in the mirror
The tears are just burning like crazy
But you know what the day of your like
But you see what the day was before
This is end between you and I
I hate the way you fool me
Before you know the reason from me
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Cry Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Cry Lyrics