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Stay Control Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Stay Control Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Humer out of this world
To complete for everything what i have to say
I am trying to make it out right
This life i wouldn't be so perfect again
Well you think i made a mistakes about myself
Just take a time when your alone
Right now i am here with you by my side

Maybe everything wasn't to stay out clean
Just own myself to the begin
When you say it not like it buid me
Take only for everything you do
Will you stay control when you be
Anything like it to know
But try to stay with me
Tell me that you want to be now
Finding in somehow again
When you stay control for a talk
That doesn't matter with me
All right you made everything a mess now

(Verse 2)
Just like you when i get myself together
When i come to break through
Nothing I get into the life that not right
Take anything you believing the truth tonight
You just come with a shadow of you down the hall
Nothing i couldn't see it you it's you
And if your trying

(Verse 3)
I am falling out into pieaces
I wonder what was going about
Getting out of the wall why you say so
Might only feel the burn when you catch a breath
So I turn you when myself to start to run
I tell my friends that you are the only one
Trying to be someone else
But find it so mysterious
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