It doesn't hurt the way I do
It's taking the precious to flow
But I need to try to be honest
You were maybe everything I betrayed
As I'm thinking the way I die in your arms
But I force myself to stand out near me
Don't just saved me from the place I been dead
And also don't explain I how found myself
Going from hunger to saved the peace I surrounds
Weather your on the zone
How I take the pain away
Take the pain away
Take the pain away
Everything I just make no more mistakes
Even I try to go away and never looked back
It wasn't the same til we met
[Verse 2:]
Like how I feel the emotions toward me
But some people told me you were drowned in tears
As I'm standing night
But if your always on the mood
I'm not always going through you
It's something I had in mine
But I am taking chances
[Verse 3:]
When I moved from place to place
Like I sallow the hunger in me
But I'm not moving
Staying still to moved on
It's something crystal clear
I'm loving you til we're naked since
The time we make up and leave it to a fight
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Take The Pain Away Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Take The Pain Away Lyrics