It was thousands time since I call you up
But if your trying to do why not gonna work
When you see me walking down the halls
That I explain to you since you called me
Didn't come to alive on the phone of trouble

Won't notice a single things is recent
You miss my message on the phone leave them on the table
It was a mistake to leave miss calls well don't put up a fight
My regrets were done for now
Like you make me sit in our love between
Just you try to well behavior for this moment
It got thousands miss calls

[Verse 2:]
Don't pick up the phone
Trying to leave it all behind for good
If you surprised me that you not answering means your alright
Can you promise me for everything I have done
Make me what I have to say

[Verse 3:]
All of this was left behind
When you stay what you can say to me
And things went off for you to what I have miss calls
Sometimes things went off crying on my shoulders
Like you were not into me for who I am for tonight
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Miss Calls Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Miss Calls Lyrics