I remember that it was just a dream
That never fell apart to come
You never seen a life apart a head
When we come down the wrong side
There was a mistakes to find out
But shouldn't a take me away
Just the way you are now

Sometimes I reach high and
Something was right up side down
Feel like a mistery
You cast like a witch was there
But you never believen the truth was here
Must be a bad luck away
Maybe I want to see what happening again
This strong life is standing way to close
For a life to begin to everything I needed
You need me for a another chance to see
Will you try for this last time
I will not make me insane again
So not telling what you gone away
(So this a serious cime for a bad luck)
(Away, away, away, away, away, away, away, away, away)

[Verse 2:]
This is the first time like I never knew
Always catching a fear but it won't work
You change a way to feel a angel for
Everything was glowing everywhere
Beanth the sky
Just a time you you let me go
So sick of this tiny mouth to

[Verse 3:]
Just wanna see what must be thinking
You tear in my beautiful dress
That I never wanted in my life
So I never want to see you again
Til you made everything okay
Sometimes I be afarid when you loose me
Like ever change into my life made a thousand dies
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Bad Luck Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Bad Luck Lyrics