I wanna own it back , own it back, own it back

(Verse 1)
Let's be the girl i was before
Don't let me try to break my point
When reconnected started to hit me
Like your living on my prayer
If you gone to this situation
And I maybe gone with this reflection out
Can't you see with the word
Don't you compare with this love

Sometimes sooner it gone black
If you wanna let it over to be
I am giving this back back up
I wanna own it back. own it back. own it back, Yeah
I wanna own it back. own it back. own it back
Just stop what your doing
Let me see your control for the night

(Verse 2)
Don't be afaird what it dreaming
I know you are scared to fight
But i can't leave it without you
Every moment i bring my stronger days
Til I made a move if you step
As you made it here tonight
I wanna scream how far you gone
But if your the magic to my soul

(Verse 3)
Catch my sky for the even of dark
But if you make your mind
It's won't work for more tries
But secrets remains out of lifetime
And just give me in and you give me out
Everyday won't be the same without you
Maybe i can't loose my fears cuz your outtt
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Own It Back Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Own It Back Lyrics