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Crystal Hearts Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Crystal Hearts Lyrics

Open love came to me
Cause wonder it change your mind again
This time I just went out or sleep
Like everything I do to keep this vanish gone
For a hour to see and believe
Don't you get for who I am
That is why I remember the first time
Baby still in my cloud with the names
Monte get a closer look
That whisper to your ear

This is a open hearts
That never came true for me
That who I am shaken
(Like this is your name for a stop lock) Yeah
I know before you see me
(You're just a pretty smile I got you)
This was like everything for you to believe
(Taking a few moment to the inside)
(Don't see in my soul in this world)
But I'm sure you know again
Just a world to complete me
For you see the crystal hearts
When you don't matter to see the angel in you
And walked away from your mother speaking
By all the time we're been through
Don't ever change my mind again
This is mind-mind crystal hearts

[Verse 2:]
Right here I never want to check this cards name
So you never don't want to speak of the truth again
Don't hold everything you want this dream
Feel inside forever I miss your soul
Like you never seen the part of the best of me
Cause you meant to be like standing
Just a side to cool off
But never don't feel like I'm here boy

[Verse 3:]
This time I win my best moment to sing
Just like nothing to compare for
If you want this life out of my wrong hand
The same as mind life as this open your life
Been here all of this lovely turn
But I am notice by your look like not stared to you
And let this dance of the spotlight
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