I'm been losing tracks on my own
Don't you want to take my arm
Like you feel one insecure on the way
Making me feel so hurtful
When you go the turn you make me on
Just how you notice me
It's doesn't mean no thing
It's like no one is to hide
But something is worth off the change
It's coming right back
You're the peace of charm
Waiting me to go
Sometimes I can't breathe the longest times in my life
When you cover me up right
It's always the minute of fight
There's nothing beautiful you ever seen
[Verse 2:]
Whiten it's not the case
But I'm willing to hurry the day
When you refuse the time I am here
It's brought the heart to race on me
Just now I breath the whisper on me
If in you're the flow I am in the fire
Always never speak of it
[Verse 3:]
What is your coming for
It's something gold in the air
Like your counting the stars above me
Try to tell me perfect things
Without the times are coming fast
Like how you remember the time we been so close
How I make you so happy for tomorrow
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Peace Of Charm Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Peace Of Charm Lyrics