Been sleeping so long
That I can't loose my breath
Sometimes I can't remember how I need you
They say to me that the angel of the moon
When you became light as the sea
Maybe I feel known ledgeneed
We can't just leave our heart

Cause there is no oxygen to sleep or run together
When you start dreaming through those night
(One Of Those Night, One of those night, One of those night)
Like when you hurry to save me
There goes everything I have
Lose some merious far behind
So that anytime you wish for when I'm yours
You can't believe what is the truth
I have tears in my eyes before I sleep out of nowhere

[Verse 2:]
I was been thinking how when you whisper
Like tonight was the wonderful thing
You gone with the wind as far
They say more than anyone I care
Kiss me goodnight that I will be there
Don't let my feelings gone to the night skies

[Verse 3:]
No nightmares you see again
Maybe I can't live without one more try
Taking my control for my dreams
Hate the way you see me in the dark crying
When you feel my hands touch
That I promise is everything will be alright
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One Of Those Night Lyrics

Lexia Allies – One Of Those Night Lyrics