You have your own issue where it belongs
There are no trouble inside of you
But I care for the loved I played
Like you are walking side by side
And if you are talkin one by one
There are no sympathy left behind

The truth is left behind
Nowhere can't be found
Do you have me for the dead of love
So I am not intersted that I care for not my problem
To the beginning of the story
But I really need you back without no information is dealed with me
So I'm turning by through pages and the side

[Verse 2:]
Later you told a new born child with you
Grabbing until the hurricane starts now
So I'm together with you
Holdin my lungs
I can't scream to much laughter
Always haunted your dream for good
That I know

[Verse 3:]
Rocking it so much clear for the night skies
There are my true love coming for more
Safe and sound
You were everything wolves sound apart
There is one thing I barely hidden the now
Just give me the lie
So I don't believe your heartss

(Oooh, oooh, oooh)
The truth is left behind (The truth is left behind)
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Not My Problem Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Not My Problem Lyrics