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Are You Shy Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Are You Shy Lyrics

(Verse 1)
A little crazy and nervous
When it comes to you until the end
He promise that we kiss on stage
I can't feel nothing at all
Like your between this fairy tales
So just open my mind when you save my destiny

When your moment feels like catchin' area
So much things that I wanna do
That care your shy
Are you shy enough to see who I am really am
Let says we can say our secret to my heart
Maybe anything just won't fit here
I can known who is really there for me tonight
Are you shy enough to see the real in you
Cause I won't be able to check my kiss-kiss
You won't stand by my world of friends
There was no moment to hide with me
Sometimes when your alone and empty
Try to give me a kiss on my lips

(Verse 2)
My boyz are trying to get a peace of me
They count me in between
There was nothing more to explain
So I'm hiddi' my words to my song
As my lungs crack it so shy tonight
Don't let no one to believe what I believe

(I know what you so shy about)

(Verse 3)
Til the end I can't live without
Just I said it our friendship
I wanna be with you forever in my heart
Don't stop what is between us through
When you say it time to be my (girlfriend)
Just wish me a upon a kiss darlin'
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