Is it an easy day to begin
There is nothing to worth about
I think something will change my mind about you
When I believe of a magical day would be
Maybe there were just growing in the air
But I can think about this

It a magical life would be right now
So much things are outdoors
Remember all the things I was born to live
And there is my time to think about beautiful world
(Beautiful world)
There was so many types I can live with the truth
Can you just believe it all come true
If I was yours we can stay forever in our hands
As we kiss for the flowers begun
Everything is all about you for my beautiful world

[Verse 2:]
It a place like home
When we laugh they can't us to tears
Like your the shinning star to see my heart
Feels like you and I were singing
Might be the one who stay with me
You were everything I needed to believe
But I can't think about this

[Verse 3:]
Something is pulling my love for behind
Maybe I care what do you think
When you say it just a normal lifetime
You got to choosen me as your soldier
Things were amazing as I hug you for love
Please don't catch me when I sing to you
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Beauiful World Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Beauiful World Lyrics