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Fuck Nigga Lyrics

King Louie – Fuck Nigga Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All this ice I got on got your bitch sea-sick
Damn her pussy good, and her head decent
Chillin with the bro-nem, bout to fuck you ho-nem
Anti-fuck nigga, fuck nigga, get from 'round me
These niggas bitches, they soft, they mixed with downy
Where's the ring leader? They're doing all this clownin
They look at me flexin, finessing, and when I look up at them, they frownin
A bunch a lil bitches, exactly how them fuck niggas be sounding

How the fuck did you become a fuck nigga?
Used to be my man, now you a fuck nigga
My bitch just fuck girls, she don't fuck niggas
I just bought more guns, for the fuck niggas
I be with the killas and the drug dealers
You be with the goofys and the fuck niggas
Heard them fuck boys workin, got me suspicious
On the stand telling, you a fuck nigga

[Verse 2]
With your bitch and her friend, "I woke up like this"
Slide up on you lackin. 2Pac and Chris
Always got that dough, like I'm a drug dealer
If we ain't fuckin with you, you a fuck nigga
I think I'm allergic to these fuck niggas
Tell me what's the purpose of these fuck niggas?
Nina know they pussy, she say fuck niggas
So what you my blood? You still a fuck nigga

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