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Made Lyrics

King Louie – Made Lyrics

Who the fuck are you? talking to a made man
Who the fuck are you? talking to a made man
Talking to a made man, I’m a made man

[Verse 1]
I say amen, sacrifice 8 men
All black with my gold on
I was off, now a nigga on
Taking pictures with my gold on
I was off, now a nigga on
In my zone, smoking up the zone
Bullet hard hitters, [?] chrome
These niggas [?], they be bodying niggas
Get out your body, and somebody that might body a nigga
I be cooling with the baddest of bitches
Smoking Ralph out of bottles cause we ran out of swishers
Niggas bitches, I don’t fuck with bich niggas
Yeah all my niggas real niggas and we envy the drilling
Niggas telling got the most time
No talking folks, [?]
Smoking dope with the gods, fucking these broads, doing it large
Fuck nigga sell hard, [?] rock, niggas crack god
You gone think life is a bitch
With them bitches [?] and they sucking some dick
Foreign cars, foreign broads, foreign planes stay trip
I’m made, I’m made

M A D E, that’s me

I’m a made man, you made up
I’m hard bodied, you play tough
I just fucked, you laid up
Bitch so loud, get sprayed up
Rounds out the magazine and it’s [?]
I am a god, bitches calling me their savior
Lou Lou all about his paper
I brought guns for the haters
I brought guns for the bitches
All this money, but none for the bitches
Bad bitches, got a ton of them bitches
All this money, Imma buy me a [?]
I be grinding in my [?], I be riding and smoking
I be grinding with your bitch, she shotgun smoking weed
Fu Fu is the gang, get money is the creed
I be blowing money fast on the way to the cash
Got a need for the speed
D1 soldiers, no fatigue
Go in your room, or compete
Bitch I ball like repeat
Bitch I [?]

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