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32 Bars Lyrics

King Louie – 32 Bars Lyrics

That’s all I know
That’s all I know, that’s all I know, that’s all I know
We gon’ get money, that’s all I know
Like fuck bitches, that’s all I know
You know stay down, sucker free in a land of lollipops and things
That’s all I know, you know what I’m talking about?
You know MUBU shit daily
That’s all I know, you know what I’m sayin’?
Real shit, that’s all I know man

[Verse 1]
RIP my nigga Dro, RIP my nigga Blow
Goofy mad I fucked his bitch, I don’t give a fuck so
I used to live in the town, but I never was a Moe
Fiends mad we sold em soap, your favorite rapper is a joke
Really he don’t want no smoke, turn his ass into some smoke
Spent a bag on some smoke, not to sell it, just to smoke
Spent three thousand on a coat, you can’t do that ‘cause you broke
I give real niggas hope, everything I rap I wrote
Your bitch let me rock her boat, let me hit it like a note
Drop a goofy like a vote, feelin’ heavy off a four
Give a tough guy a halo, they don’t get no brick, they poor
They ain’t loyal, niggas poor, niggas pussy, niggas ho
What’s a rookie to a pro? That’s a vet on the low
They taking shots at the GOAT, picture that like a fro
All black like a crow, killing shit like the movies
Got the streets on Coogi, niggas squares, call ‘em loosies
In the foreign getting to tree, passing gas like “excuse me”
Shotgun is a beauty, sucking dick is her duty
Got the wrist on Hubl-y, got your bitch on Louie
Get the coochy then I’m gucci
Met her in Balenciaga but I fucked her wearing Prada
Got the MAC, got the K, ok, who got a problem?
Goofball made a date in a day, who had a problem?
Niggas ain’t even making minimum wage, you got a problem?
On my soul these niggas bitches, we gon’ give ‘em six inches
Drop a body like a clearance, I get mortgage for appearance
Give ‘em sticks for interference, robbed a lame and make him famous
Before death you was nameless, niggas lost, niggas laneless
Drippin’ sauce on a plain bitch
Sorted out your main bitch with her buddy and my main bitch
All I got is hundreds, hell nah I ain’t got no change bitch
Get your ass banged if you ain’t righteous on that gang shit
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