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God & King Lyrics

King Louie – God & King Lyrics

Popping bottles, popping pills, popping bitch ass niggas
Bitches popping pussy, block popping, that bitch busting
Big things popping, all type of shit going here

[Verse 1 - King Louie]
Tony just was s’posed to choke the CEO
No I’m not a ghost but they can’t see me though, no
I grew up finessing, selling dummy coke and blow
Operation goon or what we call it, zero
I be with the goonies and the goblins, Halloween
I been getting my own dirty dollars since I was 16
On my mama, I was fucking bitches twice my age when I was 16
Catch you lacking and that 45 start to spin, the hollow 16
Put this [?] in your body, you like, how does this [?]
Fuck niggas get put in jail, turn to [?]
I prefer to beat that good pussy, not in the beamer
They’ll shoot you in your face for me, I’m the god and the king

[Hook – Chi Hoover]
I ride dolo, squad ain’t a thing
Chains on my collar, diamonds and rings
How much, [?], chalk up your team
Give you niggas halos, I’m god and the king
I was rolling, hard nigga, god and the king
Pull up flexing every day, I’m the god and the king
Oh lord the old man, god and the king
All of these bitches over me cause I’m the god and the king

[Verse 2 – King Louie]
I don’t love these bitches, I just love my dollars, my partners
I can make the stupid sack off iPhones and charters
Fuck and give your bitch back, mamas and daughters
Nigga we was 17, riding fiftys
[?] was the right size, but my feet hurt
All I ever wanted was a Jeep and a beeper
Last night I fucked your bitch, call that one night a keeper
When them bullets hit him up, look like son had a seizure
I’m not gonna give it up, you know the procedure
I be sipping Jack and honey, with my honey
Every day of the week for me’s a money Monday
My niggas don’t give a fuck, make your day on a Sunday

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