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Tony Ghost II Lyrics

King Louie – Tony Ghost II Lyrics

[Verse 1]
First one was a half point
Knew it then I threw it
She say she wanna get high first
She do it then we do it
[?] in a backwood
They call me Clint Eastwood
We don’t pack this [?]
Got it from the mud
Cameras helped me back up
Big gun make em back up
Big gun don’t need back up
Got big guns to [?]
Your bitch gave me good brain
You can be a quick lit, call that shorty’s shit stain
Yeah I know that’s his girl
But I got that bitch trained, for me she a good dame
My dope smoke like propane
[?] getting that kick door, take your cash and cocaine
These niggas is so lame
Walk up on that broad day, kill his ass close range
[?] in the daytime
Double day, hey nine
Champagne on the rocks
12 bars, [?]
I’mma get you high bitch
You his bitch, not my bitch
I love me a bad bitch
She suck me till it’s boring
Tony, he the baddest
My bitches they got bitches
My money it got money
Got 30 for a dummy
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