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Anatomy 1:2 Lyrics

KING 810 – Anatomy 1:2 Lyrics

[Verse 1: David Gunn]
My imagination’s not a crazy one, no
I grew up in the slums where they kill anything that grows
I'm saying i can't make these things up so
We only live reality, if you daydream then you go
And I'm tired of people saying i ain't did nothing they did
I'm talking knife fights with kids as kids
Til one of us no longer lives
And I've been hanging with the wrong group again
With myself and who else
And a bunch of dead men who wanna see my name on a headstone
Finally motherfucker i can be alone
Tell my woman just to visit me from time to time
And that I love her give my family that same line
And to my brothers, give my money to my murderers
They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work
I'm hard to kill, who was with me when i was gunned down
And stabbed up
I bled alone and it changed me to a cold fuck
And friend I've been on this course for so long
If you knew how painful it was for me to live
You’d want me gone
I'm numb from my head to my toes
How can I feel for another soul?
I can't even feel the fucking wind blow
And scars cover my body and im scary and im ugly
And women only touch me to tell others that they’ve touched me
And men only touch me with bullets or to slug me
And I only touch myself with a knife blade that cuts me
And the devil is a bitch who just keeps trying to fuck me
And my god is a woman who don't give a fuck about me
Because no-one loves a killer, not truly, just trust me
Where I'm from its survival of the fittest and they all hunt me
Welcome to the worlds most dangerous game
I know you’ve heard me say it before
Now I'm inviting you to play
You better be better than just good aim
You’ll need senses you either have ‘em or you don't
I can't explain
Like when you walk into a room you memorize where everything is
The exits the doors the windows
Are there stairs are there kids?
Who you’ll have to take and who you’ll have trouble with
Running can be retreat or re-positioning you decide what it is
To a better vantage point
Get low and dig in and make every shot count
Because if the clip empties you’re finished
If a man approaches you at night and you have no idea why
Don't wait to hear him speak, pull it out and don't shoot in the sky
His eyes will widen up and aim right between those eyes
When he drops, don't run
Stand over him and feel him die
And if anyone you’re unsure about’s around, they gotta go too
Or his family finds out
And you have people you’ve never seen coming to kill you
And I don't care who you are and if you care or not
You’re looking over your shoulder at every passing car
You could be shot
And once you’ve felt that stress, life doesn't get to you
Not anymore, not after what we’ve been through
And I no longer bother to ask father to forgive me
I've been fighting all my life, there’s no fight left in me
Every day i wake up ready to die
But when I turn the gun on myself all i see is your big eyes
And I've hurt you so much i can't do it one more time
So I grind my teeth together and i try to unwind
But time doesn't move when you’re sitting in this spot
And I'm trapped in this body with this soul i don't want
And I think at night i cut myself, to sleep
Because i wake up, and I'm stuck to my sheets
And I don't recall what happened
Was it me? was it possession?
I have scars appear in my skin after dreams
Where are my big eyes where am I
I've lost my place at home by your side
I've been trapped in that killing field boy
Where it’s carry a gun or die
And cocksuckers wanna know how I'm still alive
I had to kill to get here, boy
So, next time you try
Know I was baptized in blood and gun powder at age 5
And when I close my eyes i only see one thing
A pile of hands I cut off belonging to men who’ve touched my queen and
I can no longer hold myself together
So I'm just gonna leave pieces of me laying wherever

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