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War Time Lyrics

KING 810 – War Time Lyrics

(Vio... lence...)
(Vio... lence...)

(Know that its old men for council young men for war.)

[Verse 1 - David Gunn]
It's the motherfuckin boogeyman
Push your hands together
Pray to whoever
Bullets with no name cut through the air at night
If theres no masks on our faces then we came for your life
Tell God bring the suffering i can take whatever he sends
My bones are stone there are no nerves in my skin
I was built for war i’m the beginning and the end
I am the Alpha and Omega close your eyes and count to ten...

(It's wartime!)
This is the best day of our lives this could be the day that we die. (x2)

Violence... took my family...
Took my life from me...
Took my everything...

Okay... (x2)

[Verse 2 -Trick Trick]
You asked for it (what? Nah!)
Your mouth done wrote a check that
Your pussy ass can't cash out
It's time to mob, me and the squad ready to mash out
They comin to get em and off of that trip ready to smash out (gangsters, ready to kill somebody)
Brains mashed out (fuck em) kick in the door at your dad's house
Think its in peace we'll pretend to be deke'n them fags mouths, now pass out (it's war time)
Make a killer pull the gas out, make me wana throw that .50 caliber at em while they up in that glass house
All this maniac and then this murder and it's because you had doubts
Cuz you couldn't get a hand-out since you gotta leave
And I'm believing that with the pistol off in your damn mouth

Violence... took my family...
Took my life from me...
Took my everything... (x2)

[Verse 3 - David Gunn]
Hands up!
Dont shoot...
We drop the window then we loot
What did you think we would do
I threw my body on the bomb on the truth
This ain't the time or the place
We dont speak where we're from we put guns in your face
I’m not your partner or friend
If they move they dont see their families again
If I take your life I promise you I won't lose sleep at night
I’m only living to fight
Fuck what is right
I came to die

It's wartime! (x3)

Violence... took my family!
Took my life from me!
Took my everything...

Violence... (x4)
Took my everything

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