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Anatomy 1:5 Lyrics

KING 810 – Anatomy 1:5 Lyrics

You said you'd be here forever
And that was us against the world
And I had nothing like dat, ever
And they said you were just a girl
But when I was broken and I gave up
You made me keep pursuing
You said nobody could said it like you
And you made me prove it to 'em
And now I'm a-tearing the world apart
When I come back home you're no longer there
Yet I don't feel alone
Your ghost is still here
Your memory's still here
And I'm contemplating things that you would say if you were near
And it helps me through 'em times, you know that I don't see so clear
And the barrel of my gun is pressed up against my ear
My cousin sees me with th'pistol, says I'm jeopardazing my career
You use the word career like I give a fuck that I'm here
In fact you chose this pick like I'm still willing to hear
But I feel like I should kill myself after I cut off my ear
Can you put all that together
I feel like love don't live here anymore
I don't smile when I see my nephew and he asks me what for
I see his face looks like mine
In a few years he'll be nine
At that age I was put in handcuffs for the first time
So I don't wanna touch his skin
In fact I wanna stay far away don't wanna rub off on him
Don't wanna rub off on anyone so I'm in this room alone
Wanting to sew into my wrist until the blade hits the bone

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