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Tied To The Whipping Post Lyrics

KING 810 – Tied To The Whipping Post Lyrics

“I feel like I'm dying”

I sit alone in this four cornered room
Houses are graves for the living let this dope spot be my tomb
You can have my soul I don't need it where I'm going
You can't look me in my face when my scars are showing
I can't sweat through these scars
I can't feel the wind blow
You never get used to not feeling you just know you’re not like them so
I feel like every friend I would die for has died for me
And I'm left here alone lost walking in the streets
And I've seen women deteriorate and men do the same
Before I knew it I had changed and I ain't goin back there again
Things are moving so fast
For what its worth I apologize I've spilled blood on God's earth
Father please forgive me I was born in a city where if you wanna be somebody you gotta kill somebody, and claim the body
Father please forgive me I was born in a city where if you wanna be somebody you gotta kill somebody, and claim the body

“I feel like I’m dying”

[Verse: Freddie Gibbs]

Half the time I'm high
Half an ounce every half a day
Smoke half of my mind
Ambition and time away
Wonder if I'm gonna find my place with God I lay down I pray
Daddy was a motherfuckin lie when the nigga said that crime don't pay
The police know my fuckin face
Just raided tore up my place
My bitch stay faded on coke and pills I don't really trust shit she say
Can't trust my homies either might kill me for a piece of weight
Heard they been checkin my connections I'm gonna have to go see Jose
I heard you put them keys away
To the side for me, got the pies for me
Got a cold young nigga that’ll ride for me
I wrap a brick and he dry it for me
I gotta get to work he do kitchen work
So just cook it up and let it dry for me
Gave a bitch a block she just sniffed a lot and its fire for me
Gon die for me
God damn

“I feel like I’m dying”

Artistic bravery they say to get it you gotta risk it
I risked my life everyday why wouldn't I risk this petty shit?
Don’t make me take aim again
I miss my dead friends, but I don't miss men
So when my gun raises up
Remember mamma couldn’t raise me so you’ll be a dead fuck
And pardon it
The man with the skin with all the scars in it
My soul, my city's hardened it
My heart I don't know where it went
All I know if there's a war in my head
My eyes don't close when I lay in my bed
Wish I could give my sister all the strength I posses and let the heroin kill me instead
You see my grandmother was murdered
My mother used her gun
This killing is in my blood its best I don't make a son
I'm in the mirror tryin to find my father in my face so I can shoot myself right in that very place

“I feel like I’m dying”

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