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Write About Us Lyrics

KING 810 – Write About Us Lyrics

[Verse 1: David Gunn]
I hail from a place where nobody wants to come
Because you better bring a gun and you better not run
And I grew up with the pushers and the killers and the thieves
But some students and some artists and some workers knew me
And we all had that in common and we had this place
And we’d grow up to be dead because our city breeds hate
And the only way to beat it is to run I mean
Because the shots keep us awake so we never can dream

(pre chorus)
And they whispered unto me write down what you've seen
So the world knows our story and were finally free

They said we need it right and you’re the only one we trust
So promise that you’ll write about us

[Verse 2: David Gunn]
Girls want me to write about sneaking through their windows
And the drive ins and the parks and the nights by the lake
And the boys want me to write about sneaking through windows
And the fights and the shootouts
When we caught that case
And we were on our own and we never came home
And it was us and the night and we made the most

(pre chorus)
If you ever make it out write down what you've seen
So we all live forever and were finally free


[Verse 3: David Gunn]
So tonight I sat down and pulled my head out the clouds
And I closed my eyes and I thought out loud

I haven’t seen Veronica since I told her how I felt
And the twins OD'ed
And Sarah sells herself
Maxine’s on the needle
Kelly’s man cuts her up
I see Kristy where she works and she don’t bring the past up
Heathers had a few kids and I still see her around but I can’t bring myself to speak to her I just look down
Daniel I’ll get your killer and I swear by that
When I see your kids face I wish I were where you’re at
Tasha escaped yeah she moved out of state
Opies still in prison for that murder in 98
Jays in the cage until 2025
And D went in but he ain't come out alive
Joshua's dead I held his head while he bled
And I found... body and I’ll love her till I’m dead

(pre chorus)


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