I’m a goblin, I’m a fighter
I’m a stubborn afterthought on a tight rope wire
Volatile as hell, as you can tell, or maybe you can’t
I break promises, I take for granted
I push pain on the rain so it stays like I planned it
I’m a bandit, who’s addicted to change

But you – you’re so innocent
How did you find a man like me

Don’t you get it
I just don’t get it
I just can’t understand
Why you would ever want to be with me

I’m a nightmare, I’m denial
I’m a deep dark secret and your hands on the bible
And you smile because you can’t cry
I’m a sinner, I’m a patho
I’m a vampire, the truth is the light, I’m in the shadows
In a battle, with a demon and the sun

When I leave today no matter what I say
You’ll know it’s for the best then
If the words come out trying to curb your doubt
Please leave them to the west wind
And it will take me away

I’m a pusher, I’m a taker
I’m a trouble talking tyrant and a fight instigator
Wave a flag, get you close and then I’m gonna break ya
I’m a head-case, and I’m headstrong
Right or wrong when the going gets going I’m gone
To where I don’t belong
Danger zone is my home, when I’m all alone
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Pusher Lyrics

Kelley James – Pusher Lyrics