This is my first damn bottle
Trying to get a buzz, get my mind on autopilot
Where I get happy no sorrow
Yesterday’s blurry, who knows about tomorrow
So follow me where I go
Down by the water where I can let my mind roam
So much pressure on my mind
Feels like I’m running outta time, I might

Now this my third damn bottle
Feel a little better as I swig and swallow
This is my motto, I’m just living for today
Living through the pain
Tired of living this way
And if you know the rules you play
And momma told ya stay away
But I know if I wanna have fun
I gotta get another one and another one

Now this my 6 damn bottle, it’s quickly hollow
Hop to my feet pronto, to the street I go
And catch my ride, a yellow car pulls up
I get inside
And sometimes these nights are the greatest
Tell the cabbie turn it up that’s Weezy F Baby
And I’m rapping over that in the back cause I’m faded
And I so drunk I’m thinking that my freestyles crazy
Nah for real our freestyles crazy
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Six Bottles Lyrics

Kelley James – Six Bottles Lyrics